ToR 2458-085-97457491-2012

Polyeconol is an ecofriendly drilling fluid system based on ethers and alcohols. Polyeconol Aqua is an additive with strong inhibiting and lubricant properties for water-based process fluids for well construction. Polyeconol Sun is a compound for regulating the flow properties and density of drilling fluid emulsions for well construction at low reservoir pressures, a compound for well production testing. Polyeconol Flora is an all-purpose drilling fluid emulsion for well construction in all types of subsurface rock; it resists various kinds of aggression. Polyeconol Quartz is a concentrate for making process fluids for well construction; it ensures increased cement sand bond. Polyeconol Wasser is a concentrate for making the highly inhibited drilling fluid system that ensures the resistance to active clay dispergation and to various kinds of aggression and contamination with cement grout.


Product specs

  Polyeconol Grades
Aqua Sun Flora Quartz Wasser
Physical form Colorless-to-dark brown liquid Yellow-to-brown liquid Dark brown-to-black liquid Brown-to-dark brown liquid Dark brown liquid
Density, g/cm3, max 1,27 1,0 1,09 1,27 1,2
Fluid loss indicator, cm3/30 mins, max Not rated Not rated 10,0 Not rated Not rated
pH value of the compounds water solution, units, max 11 Not rated Not rated 11 Not rated
Rotary viscometer spring twist angle at 600 rpm, degr., min Not rated Not rated Not rated Not rated 20



Polyeconol is used for opening productive reservoirs and drilling inclined wells, in a complicated geological setting included, and for sidetracking.



Polyeconol is supplied in 200-l steel barrels or in 1000-l cubic containers.