Polybur Turbo

ToR 2458-108-97457491-2015

Polybur Turbo drilling fluid system is a composition of specially selected natural monoalkyl ethers, fatty acids (FA) triglycerides and FA salts. It consists of two components: Component 1 (base) is used as a rinsing fluid in well construction in various geological settings; Component 2 (diluting agent) is used for reducing the flow characteristics of the rinsing fluid (base). The components effective concentrations are determined by the requirements imposed on the rinsing fluid content, solid-phase content, oil/water volume ratio, and by other factors.


Product specs

Polybur Turbo base (Component 1)
Physical form Brown-to-black oily liquid
Density at 20°, g/cm3, max 0,9
PV, mPa·s, max 30
Fluid loss, cm3/30 mins, max 5
Polybur Turbo diluting agent (Component 2)
Physical form Light yellow-to-brown liquid
Density at 20°, g/cm3, max 0,9
Rotary viscometer spring twist angle at 600 rpm, degr., min 20



The components of Polybur Turbo are inert to bit cuttings, including water-soluble salts, colloidal clay, and gypsum anhydrites. Polybur Turbo ensures the rated-diameter wellbore passage in salt and argillaceous sections at variable pore pressures and favors the maximal possible removing of bit cuttings from the wellbore.



Polybur Turbo is supplied in 200-l steel barrels or in 1000-l cubic containers.