ToR 2458-152-97457491-2016

Polyform is a concentrate for making the highly inhibited drilling fluid system for the rated-diameter wellbore passage in active clays and argillites, in terrigenous and chemogenous sections at variable pore pressures, elevated temperatures, and AHRP. Polyform is a hydrocarbon-free composition of organic acid salts w/o multivalent metal salts and solid-phase.


Product specs

Product specs Viscous brown-to-dark brown liquid Light brown powder
p value, max 7
Density at 20°, g/cm3, max 1,2 Not rated
Water content, %, max Not rated 7



In terms of inhibiting properties the process fluid based on Polyform is in no way inferior to hydrocarbon systems. Unlike the latter, this fluid has no clay powder in the formulation, which is why it does not form a hard-to-eliminate argillaceous filter cake on the well walls. The fluid also minimizes the risk of seizure, favors HQ well casing, and yields low fluid loss levels. Polyform minimizes the risk of balling. The high density and strong heat resistance of the solution w/o solid phase makes it suitable for broad using at AHRP.



The process fluid is produced by diluting Polyform with water and processing it with a calculated number of polymers and humate reagent.



Polyform is supplied in 1000-l plastic cubic containers and in 25-kg bags.