KPSS Colloid-Polymer Dry Mix

ToR 2458-008-97457491-2007

KPSS are bicomponent cololid-polymer composite mixes for preparing colloid-polymer drilling fluids in fresh and mineralized water.


Specifications of colloid-polymer solutions prepared on KPSS reagents

Density, kg/m3 1030–1440
Apparent viscosity, s 30–80
Fluid loss, cm3/30 mins 2,0–5,0 ≤ 10,0
Gel static shear stress (GSSHS1/10), Pa 0/0–3/5
p value, units 6,7–7,0
PV, mPa·s 10–50
Yield point, Pa 3,0–14,0



KPSS-based colloid-polymer drilling fluids are used in well construction for breaking up carbonate deposits at abnormally high reservoir pressures and by horizontal sidetracking.



The recommended consumption of KPSS for making a cubic meter of drilling fluid ranges from 55 to 75 kg.



The reagents are supplied in polypropylene bags with two packets: the main one contains 25 kg of the colloidal-polymer mix, and the small one contains a target amount of activating modifying reagent.