Polyscrap Polymeric Organocilicone Compound

ToR 2458-086-97457491-2013

Polyscrap is a polymeric compound for repair-and-renewal works aimed at strengthening the bottomhole formation zone and preventing the production of sand in oil and gas wells. The works involve using the Polyscrap bicomponent mixture, whereas the working composition is prepared right before use.


Product specs

Component 1 Component 2
Physical form Colorless or slightly colored liquid Colorless or light yellow liquid
Density, g/cm3, 1,000±0,005 0,940–0,960
Mass fraction fraction of nonvolatile substances, %, min 30
Apparent viscosity, s, max 20
Deflection coefficient 1,415–1,430



Component 2 in an amount of 2.53.0 weight % is mixed with Component 1 right before processing the well. The ready-made Polyscrap compound is pumped into the productive reservoir pre-processed with special PolyRIR buffer, after which the reservoir is vented with gas.



The consumption of Polyscrap ranges from 50 to 200 liters per running meter, depending on the reservoir permeability.



Polyscrap is packaged in 200-l metal barrels.