PolyTGP Dry Plugback Mixture

ToR 2458-010-97457491-2007

PolyTGP is a dry plugback mixture for making wall-sealing compounds for eliminating lost circulation zones in highly permeable fissured and cavernous-fissured reservoirs.


Product specs

Physical form Component 1 is gray-to-brown bulk material
Component 2 is light yellow crystalline powder
Spreadability of aqueous suspension with a density of 1 4001 460 kg/m3 across cone KR-1, cm, range 17–20
Water yield of water suspension with a density of 1 4001 460 kg/m3, cm3/30 mins, range 14–20



PolyTGP is used for making wall-sealing compounds by dissolving Component 1 in fresh or mineralized water solutions and then mixing with the solution of Component 2 above or right in the lost circulation zone.After the solutions are mixed, the compound in the lost circulation irreversible hardens and forms a pill with a plastic strength of more than 30 kPa. Thus a drilling fluid or cement slurry loss is reliably eliminated.The amount of produced wall-sealing compound is determined by the capacity of the opened lost-circulation zone and hydrodynamic performance of the absorbing material.



PolyTGP is packaged in 25-kg polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner and a design amount of Component 2.