Polyaerogel Well Killing Compound

ToR 2458-131-97451491-2010

Polyaerogel is intended for killing gas wells with abnormally high reservoir pressures.


Gel Former

Physical form White-to-light yellow powder
Mass fraction of water, %, max 12
Bulk density, g/cm3, range
water solution , range
Viscosity of 1 % solution at 20 rpm, mPa*s, more than



Physical form Light yellow transparent liquid
Solution pH 11,0-11,5
Density, g/cm3, range 1,1–1,2



Making gel-former solution. The gel former solution is made in in fresh process water in a separate vessel with a concentration of 6-8 kg per cubic meter. The crosslinker solution is made in another vessel at the rate of 6-8 liters of the concentrate per cubic meter of water. In winter the solutions can be made using water-alcohol solution or NaCl or sodium solution.


Application technology

To kill a well, it is necessary to use two pumping units and a nitrogen compressor. Two T-bends are installed in the well kill line to supply nitrogen and the crosslinker.



The gel-former is supplied in 25-kg polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner. The crosslinker is supplied in 25-kg canisters.