Polyfobe Water Repellent

ToR 2262-068-97457491-2012

Polyfobe is a multipurpose reagent intended to chemically process drilling fluids for bettering their structural mechanical performance during oil and gas well drilling. Polyfobe is also used as an additive in grouting cement slurries. The addition of Polyfobe to drilling fluids allows improving their quality while considerably cutting the consumption of conventional reagents.


Product specs

Physical form Colorless-to-dark brown liquid; finely dispersed sediment possible
Mass fraction of dry residue, %, min 25
Mass fraction of alkali on conversion to NaOH, %, max 20
Density at 20 , kg/m3 1150–1350



Polyfobe is used to modify clay muds for preventing the dispersion and hydration of clay and its penetration into drilling fluids. Polyfobe also reduces the inflow of water to drilling fluid from tapped reservoirs, reduces and stabilizes the viscosity of this fluid, and ensures its increased lubricant capacity.The addition of Polyfobe to grouting cement slurry results in the formation of water-repelling films that retard mud thickening, which allows controlling the setting time in a broad range. Polyfobe can be used to endow various items and materials with water-repelling properties for protection against moisture and natural atmospheric effects.



The tentative consumption of Polyfobe ranges from 10 to 20 kg per cubic meter of drilling fluid and from 0.1 to 0.2 % of the binder (cement) weight in the processing of cement slurry.



Polyfobe is supplied in 200-l steel barrels or in 30-l polymeric canisters.