ToR 2458-130-97457491-2015

Polycorrect process fluid is intended for use in testing, developing, and killing oil wells bored using both, water-based and water-free solutions. The PF is prepared using the concentrate of Polycorrect and process water. The recommended concentration is 28 % (vol.). Polycorrect concenrate has a low freezing point (down to -50), whereas water-based fluids reduce the hydrate formation temperature by 10 to 15. The Polycorrect-based PFs are ecofriendly and have a high flashing point (more than 200 in open crucible). Polycorrect compound has no solid phase in solutions and manifestts weak boundary tension, which allows retaining the initial porosity and permeability of reservoir rock.


Product specs

Parameter Value
ρ, g/cm3 1,03-1,25
Apparent viscosity, mm2/s 2,07
pH hydrogen ion concentration value 5-6
Corrosion rate at 90, mm/year (for St3 steel) /td> 0,05
Mass fraction of insoluble matter, % max 0,030
Crystallization temperature at a concentration of 35%., -19
Boundary liquid tension at the interface with kerosene at 20, mN/m 7-8
Drop in hydrate formation temperature, 10-15
Compatibility with drilling fluid filtrate, % 100