Subrik Binding Additive for Baling

ToR 5743-003-9093190-2015

Subrik is a binding composite based on natural polymeric materials.


Product specs

Physical form Light yellow-to-brown bulk powder
Mass fraction of water, weight %, max 10
Apparent viscosity of 0.5% solution, s, min 20



Subrik has a strong gluing ability; it is used as a binder in making briquettes, granules, and pellets from coal siftings, drilling sludge, turf, and wood chips. The reagent is well soluble in water.



The tentative consumption of Subrik ranges from 5 to 20 kg per ton of coal powder, turf, wood powder or chips and depends on the kind and fractional composition of baled material.



Subrik is packaged in 25-kg polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner.