Betonol Lubricant for Metal Molds

ToR 2458-019-97457491-2009

Betonol is intended for processing metal molds used to make concrete and reinforced concrete items. The lubricant is strongly adhesive to metal mold surfaces and ensures smooth concrete product surface w/o grease stains.


Product specs

Physical form Viscous dark brown flowable liquid
Resistance of 1020% of effective emulsion formulations for 5 days, %, min 100
Working compound consumption (form coating), g/m2, max 15–20
pH value of 10% emulsion for application 6–8



Betonol is a paste-like mobile mass easy to apply to the surface by grinding or pulverizing under pressure. The strong adhesion of Betonol to metal mold surfaces allows applying the lubricant in even-thickness thin layers. The lubricant is applied in both, hot and cold state. Betonol does not peel with long-term storage and requires only short-time stirring for 1 or 2 minutes before use. Betonol allows efficiently detaching reinforced concrete items from the shutter and ensures smooth concrete product surface w/o grease stains that aggravate the outer appearance and require material effort for being eliminated. Betonol prevents metal molds from corroding.



Betonol is delivered in 200-l steel barrels or 1 000-l cubic containers.