Polyflock Drilling Reagent

ToR 2458-069-97457491-2012

Polyflock is a highly molecular-weight cationic water-soluble polymer produced in liquid and powder-like form.The liquid grades are Polyflock Plus-30, and the powder-like grades are Polyflock Plus-20 and Polyflock Plus-100.


Product specs

  Polyflock Plus-20 Polyflock Plus-30 Polyflock Plus-100
Physical form White-to-light yellow powder Homogeneous colorless-to-yellow viscous liquid White-to-light yellow powder
Product density, kg/m3 1100–1200
Bulk density, kg/m3 400–500 300–500
p value, units 5,0–8,0



Polyflock is used to control the flow and filtration properties of drilling fluids, reduces the solid-phase output rateduring drilling and improves the strength of the walls of the well drilled in argillaceous rock.



Powder-like Polyflock is packaged in big bags or polypropylene bags with a polyethylene liner. Liquid Polyflock grade is packaged in 200-l steel barrels.