Our principal business partner is Spetsburmaterialy Group of Companies (GoC) which we supply with reactants and materials for providing drill fluid and cement slurry services. Being always in touch with service companies allows us to apply on-the-spot production quality control depending on drilling conditions and improve the current product lines. Our up and running logistics department allows us to ensure product delivery as soon as possible.

Materials and technologies developed by Spetsburmaterialy GoC are used on a permanent basis in our production processes. From the very first year of our foundation we have closely cooperated with Spetsburmaterialy GoC in production of reactants based on cellulose ester.

The list of our business partners also includes drilling enterprises of Gazprom OJSC, Rosneft, Udmurtneft OJSC, Tatneft OJSC, Bashneft OJSC, Siberian Service Company LLC, Slavneft, Burovye sistemy LLC, Biotech Alliance LLC, Petroengineering LLC, Khimeko-GANG LLC, etc.

In the field of research, development, and training our partners include Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, VNIIGaz LLC, TyumenNIIGiprogaz LLC, VolgouralNIPIGaz LLC, Giprovostokneft OJSC, Vladimir State University, SevKavNIPIGaz LLC, Energosertprodukt LLC.

Thank you for your trust and choice! We are pleased to work with you!